ARTYLUX - Fachhändler für Designleuchten aus Europa
ARTYLUX - Fachhändler für Designleuchten aus Europa
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ARTYLUX - Design lighting

Your specialist retailer for contemporary lamps and lights from Europe

Our range of lights is hand-picked: Italian glass pendant lights, designer lights from small manufacturers, modern functional LED ceiling lights. Stylistically simple to innovative. Find the ideal light for your home here!
As a family business, we have many years of experience - we will be happy to advise you.
For professional contract lighting, we will prepare an individual offer for you.

Cable too short?
Most of our lights are only manufactured and installed to customer order. That's why a longer connection cable or other small special requests can often be realized quite easily.
Talk to us!

Design lights - our selection

PLANA round, flat ceiling light made of concrete
from 179,00 EUR

Simple concrete ceiling light in two sizes, optionally with dimmable light, for homogeneous and energy-saving ambient lighting.

JEENA Modern pendant light with cone shade
from 232,00 EUR

Modern pendant light with conical shade (steel) in 10 different monochrome, matt lacquered colors. The light is available with a diameter of 36.5 cm and 74 cm.

TROPFEN Opal glass drop-shaped pendant light
from 220,00 EUR

Hanging lamp made of white glass. The frosted glass shade has a classic bulbous shape like a drop and is available in four sizes.

TRATTI Long brass pendant light Up & Down
from 606,00 EUR

High-quality linear luminaire with brass fittings - "made in Italy". The luminaire is available in five lengths from 50 cm to 300 cm. Light emission upwards and downwards.

LINES Design pendant light
from 133,00 EUR

Minimalist pendant lamp with a length of 50 cm or 75 cm. The light is emitted from the side.

KOSMOS Italian pendant light with high-quality glass
from 179,00 EUR

Small Italian pendant light with elaborate lamp glass with a diameter of 12 cm or 16 cm.

THE PROJECT Minimalist wall light with opal sphere
from 226,00 EUR

High-quality wall light from an Italian manufacturer with mouth-blown lamp glass. Bracket optionally in matt white, shiny brass or shiny copper.

OLIMPIA Innovative LED wall light
from 308,00 EUR

Aesthetic and functional: the disc-shaped light source can be rotated through 270° and tilted through 180°. The wall light is equipped with dimmable 15 W high-voltage LEDs.

KNALLA SIMPLE Cylindrical concrete lamp pendant
from 91,00 EUR

Slim pendant light made of concrete in lengths of 11 cm, 21 cm or 31 cm. There are 13 concrete colors and numerous cable colors to choose from. A replaceable LED light source is included.

AEROPLAN designer pendant light in many colors
from 266,00 EUR

Hanging lamp made of powder-coated metal and glass with warm, dimmable light. The lamp is available in diameters of 32 cm, 47 cm and 60 cm.

ISOLA concrete pendant light cylindrical
from 299,00 EUR

Solidly crafted concrete lampshade with a diameter of 40 cm. Concrete colors: Natural, gray, anthracite, black, chocolate, light green, pink, terracotta, blue, ochre. Suspension: Stainless steel.

TARRO ceiling light with three different sized round metal shades
from 395,00 EUR

Sculptural ceiling lights with a size of 50 x 57 cm, five light points and the color variants monochrome matt black or glossy/matt white, or color combinations.

C-LINE elongated LED pendant light made of concrete
from 463,00 EUR

Elegant effect despite the coarse material. A touch of loft for your workplace and living space. The luminaire is available in lengths of 106, 162 and 197 cm.

ZONG Colored ceiling light in 70s style
from 70,00 EUR

A colorful touch for your interior: the wall or ceiling light in the bright colors blue, green, orange, pink, red, brown and in glossy black or white. Another version in brass.

DIAMO Flat round ceiling light made of glass
from 110,00 EUR

Super-flat ceiling light with beautiful silk-matt opal glass from a Czech glass manufacturer. The light is available in six diameters - from 23 cm to a stately 60 cm.

PAULO Black pendant light with 1 to 6 adjustable spots
from 217,00 EUR

Suspended luminaire system with adjustable spotlights. Variable alignment on the cable thanks to additional positioning cable. Available in 1 to 6 flames and in matt black.

HIGH MOON 3-light globe pendant light set
from 642,00 EUR

Italian globe pendant lamp with three shades made of matt white polycarbonate, available in 20, 30 and 45 cm diameter. Cable length 300 cm.

KOSMOS chandelier in molecular structure
from 1.279,00 EUR

Fascinating living room lamp with a diameter of 60 cm and 9 light sources.

PLATINO Italian design lighting concept with modular structure
from 129,00 EUR

Wall or ceiling luminaire system for replaceable LED lamps GX53 and E27. Connection of the round light sources via metal tubes wired in three lengths. Brushed brass, dark bronze or white finish.

89,00 EUR105,00 EUR

Plain white wall light with square-shaped cover for indirect lighting. Light emission upwards and downwards. Lamp base R7s 78 mm.

BRANCO Long wall light with LED up- and downlight
from 368,00 EUR

Flat, long LED wallwasher for indirect lighting. Available in lengths of 50, 75 and 100 cm. The material can be painted over with wall paint.

INFINITY DOWN linear ceiling light
from 184,00 EUR
Functional linear light with a minimalist design. The ceiling light is available in gray, white and black.
CONTEAK Elegant concrete wall light for indoors or outdoors
from 240,00 EUR

Concrete lamp with teak applications in 60s design. Concrete colors natural, grey, anthracite, black, brown, blue, green, ochre. Light emission upwards and downwards for indirect lighting in living rooms or outdoor areas.

ALFRED Ring-shaped LED ceiling light
from 387,00 EUR

Ring ceiling light available in diameters of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 cm and in the finishes gold, silver, copper, white, black, graphite gray and aluminum white.

SHOW ceiling light Lamp glass with cut
from 154,00 EUR

Classic meets retro: ceiling lamp with cut glass - great lighting effect thanks to the geometric pattern in the glass. The lamp is available with a diameter of 15, 20 and 25 cm.

OSIRI wall light with colored glass
from 148,00 EUR
Special wall light with colored glass. The Ø 25 cm glass panel is available in the colors amber, pink, dark blue, turquoise or brown.
AROS ring wall light
305,00 EUR
Decorative design wall light in ring shape for atmospheric indirect lighting.
SORA LED wall light made of concrete
from 133,00 EUR

Minimalist light source for indirect and energy-saving illumination of residential and commercial spaces.

DOMINO SFEROS Dimmable ceiling spotlight
649,00 EUR

Special ceiling spotlight with two fold-out, adjustable and dimmable light sources.

MIORI Small ceiling light with spherical glass Ø 10 cm
from 100,00 EUR

Small ceiling lamp with spherical lamp glass in silk matt finish, Ø 10 cm. The fixture is available in gold, silver, copper, black, white and gray.

PHOEBE Concrete ceiling light in bell shape
from 157,00 EUR

The concrete shade and metal holder emphasize the industrial charm of the light. Can be used as a wall or ceiling light, as a picture lamp or as a decorative ceiling spotlight.

NOBEL ELBOW Rotating and swiveling LED ceiling spotlight
from 209,00 EUR

Slim ceiling or wall spotlight equipped with high-quality 4W LEDs and adjustable by 315° and 90°. The color temperature can be adjusted from warm to neutral white or via the dimmer(color temperature regulation).

KAMI Innovative design pendant light
from 449,00 EUR
Dimmable LED pendant light from Italy with a simple, contemporary appearance. Metal powder-coated exterior in white, sand, blue, green, champagne or gray
PIVOT Long Led pendant light
from 719,00 EUR

Minimalist pendant light with a length of 158 cm, dimmable via standard LED phase dimmer, available in white, light gray, anthracite or bronze.

LUNA moon lamp made of white synthetic resin in four sizes
from 294,00 EUR

Spherical light made of translucent Nebulite (synthetic resin) available in diameters of 35, 50, 70 or 120 cm.

HIGH MOON globe pendant light matt white
from 119,00 EUR

Italian globe pendant light with a shade made of matt white polycarbonate in the sizes 20, 30, 45 and 60 cm diameter. Cable length 300 cm.

KOSMOS Small Italian table lamp with high-quality glass
from 185,00 EUR

Table lamp or side lamp made of steel and brass or black chrome with double-walled glass shade in clear or smoked.

COPO Modern table lamp
from 334,00 EUR

Special table lamp from Spain. The ceramic lamp base is available in 24 colors.

AMEDEO Small design table lamp
from 199,00 EUR

Small, Italian table lamp in beautiful matt colors.

DAVOS Modern design floor lamp with glass globe
from 340,00 EUR

Modern design floor lamp with a height of 144 cm, round lamp base and a 90° adjustable blown glass globe as a lampshade.

PURE Small porcelain wall light IP20
from 54,00 EUR

Small, simple wall light in black or white for indoor use. Lamp glass in elongated clear, satinized, white or round-white.

PILL porcelain ceiling light black
from 62,00 EUR

Purist porcelain lamp with retro accents. Protection class IP54, i.e. ideally suited as an outdoor light or bathroom light. Black surface.

PILL porcelain ceiling light IP20
from 54,00 EUR

Purist porcelain lamp with retro accents. Protection class IP20 (interior).

TRIANGLE ceiling bracket porcelain black
from 46,00 EUR

Formally reduced ceiling or wall bracket in conical shape.