ARTYLUX - Fachhändler für Designleuchten aus Europa
ARTYLUX - Fachhändler für Designleuchten aus Europa
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Our contribution to the environment

What does sustainability mean for a lamp store?

With our high-quality lamps from European manufacturers, we are resolutely countering the"fast fashion" trend, which has not only quickly taken hold of textile fashion or technology - furnishings such as furniture are also increasingly becoming mass-produced disposable items. Conversely, such mass-produced goods no longer need any quality durability and are rarely repaired.

We at ARTYLUX, on the other hand, are convinced that you will not only be able to use our products for decades, but that you will also want to use them - because they are high-quality, functional and timelessly beautiful. And that makes them sustainable in the best sense of the word.

We prefer to include luminaires in our range that are particularly environmentally friendly due to their choice of materials, for example. However, it would be difficult to create a design spectrum for lighting with such products alone. There are also no special labels for social or ecological standards in the lighting industry.

Made in Europe

Our manufacturers in Italy, Benelux, Spain, Germany, Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic share our philosophy of sustainability. They generally produce everything under one roof or in the region. Many are family businesses or owner-managed like us and have their very own story to tell. We are delighted to be able to introduce you to lights from such tradition-conscious and highly specialized companies. In doing so, you are strengthening a regionally rooted economy in Europe.

Energy efficiency

Saving energy is an important aspect of sustainability and a topic for the future. We always recommend using high-quality LED light sources. We also have a whole range of pure LED lights in our product range. Even if these are still viewed with reservations by some customers, we believe that permanently installed LED modules require the manufacturer to select them carefully and use only high-quality components. The tiny design of the individual LED points also makes it possible to create completely new luminaire shapes. We think this is an enormously exciting field.


We reuse packaging materials such as cardboard and filling material. Everything that is still presentable is reused. Whether paper, plastic or shredded cardboard.


Our products are generally sourced directly from the manufacturer via the intra-European freight route and only as required. No seasonal warehouses or consignments are dispatched back and forth. This saves shipping routes and greenhouse gases. Our parcel shipping is handled by DHL. As a commercial customer, we have decided to always ship via gogreen. Read more on the DHL homepage:

Renewable energy

Electricity doesn't just light up our lamps. Our website, computers and logistics also require energy and are powered by good green electricity. We have deliberately chosen the Düsseldorf-based NATURSTROM AG. Here you get green electricity and biogas from traceable sources and the company is strongly committed to the restructuring of the German energy industry. This is confirmed by the testing association Grüner Strom Label e.V. - supported by BUND and NABU, among others.

Payment transactions

We have our business account with GLS Bank, Bochum. With targeted socio-ecological investments and comprehensive transparency, it offers its members and customers a threefold benefit: human, forward-looking, economic. We feel we are in good company there, helping to drive forward a sustainable economic order.

Do you have any questions on this topic?

Our Sustainability Officer Christoph Orgassa looks forward to hearing from you.