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Protected areas in the bathroom

Which IPXX classes are required in the protection areas?

Schutzbereiche im Badezimmer

Protection area Range 0

Luminaires with IP X7, e.g. IP67, and rated voltage up to 12 V. Luminaires must be suitable for wet and soaked rooms.

Protection area Area 1

The area includes the surfaces above the bath or shower tray up to a height of 2.25 m above the floor. Luminaires with IP X4, e.g. IP 44, mains voltage up to 25 V. For showers with high jet pressure, e.g. massage showers, IP X5 is required, e.g. IP 45.

Protection area Area 2

This area is limited to areas with a depth of 60 cm in front of the bath or shower, on the sides of the wall up to a height of 2.25 m in the area of the walls from the top edge of the floor. The installation of lights and the connection of washing machines is possible here. Sockets and switches are not permitted. Luminaires with IP X4, e.g. IP 44. The luminaires must be splash-proof.

Protected area Area 3

Protection zone 3 includes areas with a depth of 240 cm around protection zone 2, on the sides of the wall up to a height of 2.25 m from the top edge of the floor. No specific type of protection is specified for luminaires, but it should be difficult to touch the socket or the electrical system by hand, e.g. through a closed or narrow luminaire glass. Remember that a drop of cold water falling on a hot light bulb can cause it to shatter.
Sockets are permitted in protection zone 3 if appropriate protective conductor systems are used.

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Electrical protection classes

How is the IPXX classification made up?

The degree of protection indicates the suitability of electrical equipment (e.g. devices, lights and installation material) for various environmental conditions, as well as the protection of people against potential hazards when using them.

A two-digit number is appended to the letters IP, which are always present in the protection class designation. This indicates the level of protection an enclosure offers against contact or foreign bodies (first digit) and moisture (second digit).

The degree of protection classified with the IP must be distinguished from the protection class. However, both relate to protection against contact with dangerous electrical voltages, while the IP also classifies the protection of the devices against dirt and moisture.

Schutzbereiche im Badezimmer IP44