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Living room lighting tips

Decorative pendant and ceiling lights for the living room

What to consider when choosing a living room light

The living room is the room that should not only meet the needs of the family, but also have a prestigious appearance - a showcase for personal taste and style.

When choosing the right living room light, include furniture surfaces in the planning. What fittings does the furniture have? What types of wood are the furniture made from? And of course, is there a lot of dark furniture and should the light source compensate for this?

There should be sufficient distance from the luminaire in the walking area of the living room. With a room height of 240 cm, for example, the luminaire should not be higher than 35 cm. If the light hangs above the coffee table or reading corner, it can be hung low.

A recognizable trend in interior design is to work with large, decorative luminaires and, in order to bring a lot of brightness into the room, to also install discreet spotlights. Of course, this lighting solution depends heavily on the size of the room and the individual need for light.

In our recommendations for a living room light, we tend to use glass lights, which generally provide good general room lighting. To achieve good illumination, the rule of thumb is 100 lumens per square meter in living rooms;

The ARTYLUX team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Living room ceiling lights - our recommendations

SENIA Large ceiling light with three lampshades
from 1.266,00 EUR

Decorative and large ceiling light with a diameter of 93 cm consisting of three lampshades. The lamp is available with a short or slightly longer holder. The colors of the lampshades are selected individually.

MICKEY Innovative design ceiling light
from 153,00 EUR

Light creations in molecule design. The ceiling light is available in three sizes and with 3, 4 or 6 light sources (GX53 base, LED). Surface available in white, gray, sand or black.

TARRO ceiling light with three different sized round metal shades
from 422,00 EUR

Sculptural ceiling lights with a size of 50 x 57 cm, five light points and the color variants monochrome matt black or glossy/matt white, or color combinations.

ZERIO Flat design ceiling light, dimmable
from 249,00 EUR

Modern design ceiling light with a diameter of 40, 50, 60 or 80 cm. Shade in red, black, white or gray. The light is dimmable.

VERENA triangular white ceiling light with fabric cover
from 265,00 EUR

Large geometric ceiling light made of fine fabric. The bright white body provides pleasant, homely lighting. Available in 60 or 83 cm edge length.

SOMU S/L design ceiling light
from 220,00 EUR

Italian design ceiling light with a special shade made of micro-perforated polycarbonate. The luminaire is available in two sizes: Ø 34 and Ø 45 cm.

JOON Italian ceiling light with flat opal glass
from 200,00 EUR

High-quality ceiling light from an Italian manufacturer with flat, satin-white lamp glass in three diameters: 30, 38 and 45 cm.

ALFRED Ring-shaped LED ceiling light
from 387,00 EUR

Ring ceiling light available in diameters of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 cm and in gold, silver, copper, white, black, graphite gray and aluminum white.

URS Large ceiling light framed with beech wood
from 395,00 EUR

Flat ceiling light with decorative wooden frame. The large opal glass surface ensures good light distribution. Available with an edge length of 40 or 50 cm.

Living room pendant lights - our recommendations

CAIN DOUBLE XL design pendant light with textile
from 259,00 EUR

Spanish pendant lamp with a 50 cm diameter lampshade. The inner shade is available in beige, white, linen or raffia, as well as in gray.

KOSMOS chandelier in molecular structure
from 1.279,00 EUR

Fascinating living room lamp with a diameter of 60 cm and 9 light sources.

SANGHA lamp made of rattan
from 357,00 EUR

Round pendant lights made of rattan in natural or colored lacquered in diameters of 30, 40, 50, 80 or 120 cm.

AVIGNON Italian design pendant lamp
from 739,00 EUR
High-quality design pendant light from an Italian manufacturer. The light is available with a glass shade measuring 33 cm and 43 cm in diameter.
TROPFEN Opal glass drop-shaped pendant light
from 220,00 EUR

Hanging lamp made of white glass. The frosted glass shade has a classic bulbous shape like a drop and is available in four sizes.

NEOCHIC Organic pendant light with white glass
from 395,00 EUR

Elegant white glass lamp from an Italian manufacturer. Available in four sizes up to 54 cm.

BOLLE Italian ball glass lamp
from 383,00 EUR

High-quality glass pendant light from renowned manufacturer Vistosi. The hand-blown lamp glass with enclosed bubble pattern is available in three sizes, crystal clear or glossy white.

ICEBOMB Large hemisphere pendant light made of white glass
from 259,00 EUR

Glass pendant lamp from Italy. The diameter of the hemispherical lamp glass is 50 cm.

GORDON 3-light Italian ceiling light with movable shades
from 1.193,00 EUR
Elegant ceiling light with funnel-shaped shade in great finishes: matt black and brushed brass. Adjustable shade and telescopic rods.
DAVOS 6-flam. Design pendant light
from 763,00 EUR

Decorative yet clear pendant light with a chrome or matt black finish. As a dining table lamp or in the entrance hall - the pendant lamp with six spherical glasses makes an impression.

NOOK opal glass pendant light
from 130,00 EUR

Hanging lamp made of matt white opal glass. The shade has a bulbous, slightly asymmetrical shape and is available in three sizes.

KIT POP 3-lam. Pendant light with colorful shades
from 660,00 EUR

Spanish 3-flame pendant light with textile shade in many colors. The pendant has a 3 meter long cable and stoppers for decentralized attachment.

ATOM Minimalist chandelier with spherical glass
from 1.430,00 EUR

Eight-light pendant lamp with an impressive diameter of 140 cm. Adjustable rods with spherical glass in opal white. Bracket in black or matt gold.

CYRCLE Large designer pendant light
from 1.505,00 EUR
Artistic light source from an Italian manufacturer.
ORIZZONTE modular lighting system
997,00 EUR

Flexible system of opal glass light sources and plant vases for horizontal mounting of 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm or 300 cm in length.