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Hallway lighting tips

Luminaires for the entrance area

Pendant and wall luminaires in stairwells and hallways

Lighting in the stairwell or hallway is fundamentally important. The hallway of the house or apartment needs bright light. But the luminaire should not only have a functional character; after all, the entrance area, the entrance hall, is also a showpiece, especially in a detached house.
Depending on the space and room height, large decorative pendant luminaires can be used here. For large hollow spaces in front of a gallery and in stairwells, large lighting objects such as cascade luminaires with several long suspended pendant luminaires are suitable. They are equally decorative and illuminate all levels of the room.

A well thought-out lighting concept for staircases also includes wall luminaires that also safely illuminate angled flights of stairs. Make sure that the wall lights do not protrude too far, as this would obstruct passage or transportation on the stairs. Indirect lighting upwards and downwards (uplights and downlights) and wallwashers prevent annoying glare. Check from the beginning and end of the stairs that you are not looking directly into the light source to avoid glare.

Ensure uniform illumination of the stairs to achieve soft and even shadows. Hard and long shadows can become tripping hazards.

Note that the effective brightness in the stairwell is also influenced by the color of the wall and ceiling. Additional ceiling luminaires or short pendant luminaires can be used on the landing.

Pendant luminaires for the stairwell

OLANA White spherical glass pendant light
from 175,00 EUR

Classic lamp pendant with white spherical lamp glass with a silk matt surface, mouth-blown in a Czech glass manufactory. The beautiful lamp glass is available in diameters of 20, 30, 40 and 50 cm.

BEPPO Cylindrical pendant light with adjustable spotlight - 1 to 6 flames
from 225,00 EUR

Wire system for spot pendant luminaires for variable illumination of rooms or objects.

COSIMA Italian design vertical line light
from 1.386,00 EUR

High-quality designer light with brass fittings or in black or white.

DAVOS 6-flam. Design pendant light
from 763,00 EUR

Decorative yet clear pendant light with a chrome or matt black finish. As a dining table lamp or in the entrance hall - the pendant lamp with six spherical glasses makes an impression.

TUBE hanging lamp in tubular form
447,00 EUR

Long cylindrical pendant lamp with 860 cm, horizontal and vertical mounting possible. The luminaire is dimmable.

ICE BRIGHT 3-light cascade luminaire
952,00 EUR

Italian globe pendant light with a special shade made of micro-perforated polycarbonate. The diameter of the 3-light luminaire is 80 cm.

HIGH MOON globe pendant light matt white
from 131,00 EUR

Italian globe pendant light with a shade made of matt white polycarbonate in the sizes 20, 30, 45 and 60 cm diameter. Cable length 300 cm.

115,00 EUR185,00 EUR

Italian globe pendant light with a shade made of matt white polycarbonate in 45 cm diameter. Cable length 500 cm.

LACRIMA Long glass art lamp from Italy
from 521,00 EUR

Drop-shaped pendant light made of mouth-blown opal glass. The sensational size of the glass shade of 100 cm and 170 cm is suitable for high rooms and stairwells.

RINGS Ring LED design pendant light - vertical
from 499,00 EUR

Contemporary ring pendant lamp in Italian design. The rings are available in the sizes 30, 40, 50, 80, 115, 135, 145, 150 and 190 cm.

SOAP PLAIN glass pendant light
from 574,00 EUR

Magical pendant light series from Czech glass manufacturer. Available in two sizes and in transparent or satinized (sandblasted) versions.

OTO Italian spherical glass cascade with twisted glasses
from 2.720,00 EUR

High-quality cascade from Italian master craftsmen. Mouth-blown patterned glass in four sizes, crystal clear, glossy white, amber or smoked glass.

TAKE PLUS Long pendant light
from 809,00 EUR

Long pendant luminaire available in lengths of 134, 176, 218 or 260 cm, horizontal and vertical mounting. Bright, all-round light for large air spaces.

Wall lights for hallways and staircases

RUDI Square ceramic wall light
from 77,00 EUR

Small, simple wall light with replaceable light source (G9). The ceramic material has a beautiful, natural character.

YUMA Angular ceramic wall light
from 168,00 EUR

Rectangular wall light with cover, approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper. The built-in LED modules shine brightly upwards and downwards.

BUCI wall light made of lightweight concrete
from 154,00 EUR

Square wall light with integrated LED and light emission upwards and downwards.

HUG SQ TWO wall spot made of ceramic material
from 59,00 EUR

2-flame wall spotlight with light emission upwards and downwards. The two GU10 sockets can be fitted with LED spotlights.

VES ceramic wall light
from 68,00 EUR

Purist wallwasher for indirect lighting with upward light emission and light slit at the bottom.

ALETA Long LED wall light in white, brass, pewter or bronze
from 345,00 EUR

High-quality wall light for pleasant, indirect and glare-free lighting with a length of 65 cm. Available in white, brass and pewter finishes.

KEOII ceramic wall light
from 98,00 EUR

Rectangular wall lamp made of plain white ceramic with cover for indirect lighting, light emission upwards and downwards. Lamp base R7s 78 mm.

GRADO elongated wall light
from 127,00 EUR

Wall light with 33 cm length for indirect light in matt white, coffee brown or aluminum (grey) finishes.

PILAN wall light made of concrete
from 105,00 EUR

Minimalist Up&Down Light for indirect and energy-saving illumination of residential and commercial spaces.

86,00 EUR105,00 EUR

Minimalist Up&Down Light for indirect and energy-saving illumination of residential and commercial spaces.

PAOLA Corner wall light in oxidized brass
from 123,00 EUR

Decorative wall light with light output upwards and downwards in a square or rectangular shape. Optionally with base plate in coffee brown.

ALETA LED wall light with elegant cover made of metal slats
from 273,00 EUR

High-quality wall light for pleasant, indirect and glare-free lighting with a length of 20 cm. Available in white, brass, bronze and pewter.

T-ORTHO Two-light concrete wall light with wooden shade
from 130,00 EUR

Wall lamp in industrial design - light emission upwards and downwards for indirect lighting of living spaces, hallways or commercial areas.

Ceiling lights for the hallway

LORETTO 2-lamp ceiling light Ceiling light with spherical glass and brass
249,00 EUR
Ceiling light with two light points in a modern design. The lampshades are made of matt white glass. The light is operated with a standard E14 socket.
KOSMOS Three-light Italian wall or ceiling light with high-quality glass
from 395,00 EUR

High-quality ceiling light with double-walled glass shade in clear or smoked. Elements in brass or black chrome.

WANIA Cylindrical glass ceiling light
198,00 EUR

Simple ceiling light with tubular lamp glass from a Czech glass manufacturer. The opal-white lamp glass is available in lengths of 15 and 32 cm.

Extra flat ceiling lights for the hallway

FINO flat, elongated ceiling lamp with LED dots
from 379,00 EUR

Dimmable LED ceiling light with a height of only 2 cm, in lengths of 62, 100 or 130 cm. Color: white, sand or light grey.

CENTRO LINO elongated rectangular LED ceiling light
from 198,00 EUR

The bright radiance and very flat design make this LED ceiling light a versatile light source. Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors.

FLAT ceiling light with 4 LED spots
280,00 EUR

Purist LED spotlight made of silky white plaster material. Available in oblong and square versions with the same light intensity.