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Tips on the subject of dining table lamps

Dining table lighting

The dining table is often the hub of family life. Good illumination of the table is important, not only so that you can see what's on the plate, but also to provide sufficient light for reading and working. A single pendant luminaire, several luminaires or rod systems can adapt to the shape of the table.
Dining table lamps should be glare-free. For this reason, care should be taken when suspending them so that you can look the person sitting opposite you in the eye without glare. This is often achieved by a distance of approx. 60 cm from the table top to the lamp. Lampshades made of metal, colored or opal glass or fabric shades are also suitable.
A dimmable dining table lamp can also bathe the cozy get-together in atmospheric light at the end of the day.

Graphic distance of the lamp above the dining table

Abstand der Lampe über dem Esstisch

Lamp cable: calculate length

Online calculator to determine the cable length: Calculate lamp cable length

Dining table lamps - our selection

PHOEBE Concrete pendant light, bell-shaped
from 129,00 EUR

Handcrafted concrete pendant light in the classic colors light grey (natural), grey and anthracite, but also many other colors such as black, sand and terracotta.

CLEA Italian pendant light with opal glass
from 246,00 EUR

High-quality pendant light from an Italian manufacturer with mouth-blown lamp glass, available in four sizes.

1.687,00 EUR1.778,00 EUR

Fascinating living room lamp with a diameter of 95 cm and 12 light sources.

TROPFEN Opal glass drop-shaped pendant light
from 220,00 EUR

Hanging lamp made of white glass. The frosted glass shade has a classic bulbous shape like a drop and is available in four sizes.

NOVA concrete pendant light in classic form
from 275,00 EUR

Coherent pendant light made of concrete with light emission at the top and bottom and optionally with a diameter of 36 or 60 cm. Many other options to choose from.

DRUM Round pendant light in many colors
from 235,00 EUR

Varied pendant lamp available in diameters of 18, 30 or 50 cm and 14 different Pantone colors.

NEOCHIC Organic pendant light with white glass
from 395,00 EUR

Elegant white glass lamp from an Italian manufacturer. Available in four sizes up to 54 cm.

MALMÖ Scandinavian pendant light
from 118,00 EUR

Beautiful pendant light with white glass shade for pleasant, warm white light. Suspension in chrome. Available in two sizes.

ICEBOMB Large hemisphere pendant light made of white glass
from 259,00 EUR

Glass pendant lamp from Italy. The diameter of the hemispherical lamp glass is 50 cm.

DRIYOS 4 Design pendant light Ø30 cm
from 312,00 EUR

Modern pendant lamp from Italy with metal shade in many colors. Create your own personal color combination with the many options available.

ISOLA concrete pendant light cylindrical
from 299,00 EUR

Solidly crafted concrete lampshade with a diameter of 40 cm. Concrete colors: Natural, gray, anthracite, black, chocolate, light green, pink, terracotta, blue, ochre. Suspension: Stainless steel.

JEENA Modern pendant light with cone shade
from 232,00 EUR

Modern pendant light with conical shade (steel) in 10 different monochrome, matt lacquered colors. The light is available with a diameter of 36.5 cm and 74 cm.

GILKA Nostalgic pendant light with opal glass
from 145,00 EUR

Harmonious pendant lamp with a choice of 14, 20 or 28 cm diameter lamp glass, brass suspension and 250 cm long textile cable.

ANDROMEDA Italian design pendant lamp made of brass
from 1.443,00 EUR
Sculptural pendant lamp from Italy. The luminaire made of white lacquered steel is available in two sizes: 70 cm and 90 cm.
AMEDEO hemisphere pendant light with 40 cm diameter
from 242,00 EUR

Italian pendant lamp with a diameter of 40 cm. Surface in matt colors black, white, Sahara beige, blue ocean, pink quartz. Inside optionally decorated in gold leaf, silver leaf or copper leaf.

BACCIO pendant light with colored glass
from 148,00 EUR

Attractive glass pendant light in the colors rose, amber, smoke, green and blue. Size of the glass shade optionally in 14 cm, 18 cm or 24 cm.

AMEDEO hemispherical pendant light surface Corten
from 422,00 EUR

Italian design lamp in diameters of 40 or 50 cm. Inside of the shade white, black, or decorated with silver leaf, gold leaf or copper leaf.

KORA M pendant light with colored shade
312,00 EUR

Special pendant light with hand-strung lampshade made of colored cord, diameter 35 cm, available in 14 colors.

Accessories for multiple pendant or dining table lamps

Elongated ceiling canopy with 3 outlets
from 52,00 EUR

Suspension for three pendant lamps. The holder has a length of 88 cm and is available in white, black, chrome, brass and copper.

MANDALA recessed canopy for pendant light
from 127,00 EUR
Particularly decorative ceiling fixture for pendant lights. Installation depth is 3 cm.
Ceiling canopy with 3-4 cable outlets
129,00 EUR

Ceiling section for multiple lamp pendants with four cable outlets with a diameter of 21 cm.

Ceiling canopy Multi Ø 50 cm - Handmade in Italy
from 125,00 EUR
Handcrafted, solid canopy for multiple pendants and cascading lights with a diameter of 50 cm.